Crime Scene Investigation Solutions

XTC-1200-DK, XSC-800-DK and XSC-400-DK
Evidence Drying Cabinets

EMT Forensics engineered Evidence Drying Cabinets are special designs for letting wet and dampish evidence air-dry. These cabinets prevent contamination of biological fluids assisting to maintain the integrity of the evidence. EMT Forensics Evidence Drying Cabinets feature HEPA and Carbon filters that protect operators from being exposed to biohazards, harmful bacteria, and viruses. Unpleasant smell that comes from collected evidence are eliminated by the filtering system.

EMT Forensics Evidence Drying Cabinets are offered in 3 different sizes. Law enforcement agencies may choose depending on the volume of evidence they are dealing with.

While traditional methods use heat for drying we also humidify and dehumidify the internal chamber using our humidification unit for preventing the damage that heat can cause for biological evidence.


XTC 1200 DK-Evidence Drying Cabinet


Evidence Drying Cabinet

XSC 800 DK-Evidence Drying Cabinet


Evidence Drying Cabinet

XSC 400 DK-Evidence Drying Cabinet


Evidence Drying Cabinet

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