Bullet Recovery Water Tank

Our bullet recovery tank provides effective and high-performance solution to acquire comparison bullets from different types of firearms including rifles and pistols.

BWT-250 Bullet Recovery Tank is the fastest system when compared to conventional bullet recovery systems such as shooting into cotton tube and fleece layers. The system provides fast, safe, durable and easy to use features for ballistic experts along with accurate results.

Physical Specifications
External Dimensions (WxHxD)
124x163x335 (cm)
Internal Dimensions (WxHxD)
71.5x122x224 (cm)

BWT-250 is designed in a single body form that enables shooting with high caliber firearms such as 12.7mm (.50 BMG). The system is durable for high-pressure shooting conditions and equipped with shock absorbers under the tank. It is capable of multiple shooting tasks.

While shooting into bullet recovery water tanks firearms are producing extremely high level of pressure. This pressure needs to be evacuated from the tank. Our Smart Pressure Evacuation System is designed to handle this formed pressure. This way, operators can shoot continiously without interruption.

For bullet recovery a suction wand is utilized. Due to the requirement of high pressure durance, BWT-250 is designed in a single body . In order to collect the fired bullets from the water tank a suction wand is utilized. By activating the suction wand, the examiner is able to collect fired bullets and fragments in just minutes.

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